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Universe of libs to write better code.

adeira/universe is monorepo with the collections of libraries we write to make our code better & more efficient. All the libraries listed below were created and developed to satisfy the needs of daily work and are battle-tested in our production applications.

Most of the tools cover these topics: GraphQL & Relay, ESLint or utilities for monorepo and CI scripts.

Selected packages included in our monorepo

Also available on NPM

Complete list of all our projects:

Utility libraries

  • @adeira/js - Set of small helper functions for assertions, debugging etc.
  • @adeira/fetch - Replacement for any fetch function with retries and timeouts included.
  • @adeira/logger - Multiplatform logger with support for Node.js, Browser and React Native.
  • @adeira/monorepo-utils - Utilities not only for monorepos - to write custom CI scripts, hooks, detect changed files, touched workspaces and more.


  • @adeira/babel-preset-adeira - Simplify your babel config by using single preset which includes all necessary plugins for standard React + Flow app with support to transpile files to different targets (ESM modules, flow files, browser-compatible JS)


  • @adeira/eslint-config-adeira - ESLint configuration with strict set of rules.
  • eslint-plugin-adeira - Set of additional ESLint rules, mainly to keep the code cleaner in Relay Modern apps and GraphQL servers. These rules are applied automatically when you use @adeira/babel-preset-adeira config.
  • @adeira/eslint-runner - ESLint runner using Jest parallelization & checking only subset of files with last changes, useful especially within monorepos or/and large codebases to speedup checks.



  • @adeira/relay - Thin layer over Relay modern library which includes support for uploadables, query logging or stored operations.
  • @adeira/relay-utils - Additional relay utility functions for common code patters, e.g. to get data from relay cache.
  • @adeira/relay-runtime - An opinionated Relay Runtime wrapper, includes query logger.